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Fylde Grass Premium Artificial Grass

Our premium Artificial Grasses range from between £4.99 and £12.50 / sqm.

You can find anything from our Greengrocer style Preston 5mm to our best-selling Lytham 26mm.

If it’s a longer Artificial Lawn you’re trying to create, you’ll find our Miami 35mm and Ibiza 30mm exceptional value-for-money.

Fylde Grass Superior Artificial Grass

Our Superior Synthetic Turfs is where you’ll find our denser, longer products.

If you’ve got a more traditional garden and want to preserve that look, our Harrogate 36mm Artificial Grass is definitely one to consider.

If you’ve got a more modern, clinical project in mind, our Devon 30mm with it’s all-green colouring is perfect.

Fylde Grass Luxury Artificial Grass

If you’ll only settle for the best-of-the-best then its our Luxury Artificial Grass range you want to check out.

You’ll find our plushest, densest and softest products here.

Cheshire 38mm remains our most popular in this range and it’s easy to see why. With an incredibly natural, life-like colouring and silky-soft yarn it produces the nicest lawn imaginable!

Which Artificial Grass should I choose?

Choosing the right Artificial Grass can be tricky. Let us try and help:

After a few minutes of surfing the web for Fake Lawn you’ll soon discover there’s a lot of different yarns, colours, textures, densities and manufacturing countries!

Really, it’s a combination of all those things that defines the quality of a fake lawn. There are a few things to pay attention to when looking at Artificial Grass ranges, however.

Fake Grass, like carpets, can be judged on its density. Density is usually referred to as GSM or Grams per Square Meter. Our Harrogate 36mm product has a GSM of 2600/psqm for example. Harrogate is a relatively dense artificial grass, but some of our thinner grades feel just as dense and that’s to do with the type of yarn used.

 Read more on our artificial grass buying guide.

which artificial grass to buy

Why Fylde Grass?

Fylde Grass don't just sell any old grass. See what makes our special:

Why are Fylde Grass so cheap compared to other Artificial Grass companies?

We’re a grass-roots, family business that has stayed true to its origin.

We import our Artificial Grass directly from some of the best, handpicked suppliers in Europe in large quantities. This means even our cheap artificial grass is of the highest quality.

Here at Fylde Grass, we take great pride in selecting Grasses that we know you’ll love and sell them at prices we know you’ll love to pay.

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