Devon 30mm

£16.00 sq m

Plush, pristine and all green! Ideal for contemporary designs.

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Devon Artificial Grass

Plush, pristine and all green! Devon suits a well-maintained, modern garden.

Our Devon Artificial Grass has NO bits of brown in. This results in a truly immaculate, pristine looking fake lawn.

It's made with the silkiest yarn you can find. When combined with a 2.6kg/sqm weight, you've got yurself an incredibly soft, comfortable artificial grass. Every time you step foot on it you'll want to take a nap!

Key Features:

  • Pile Height: 30mm
  • Pile Weight: 2600gsm
  • 2m and 4m widths available
  • Drainage Holes
  • Pet + Child friendly
  • UV Stabilised
  • EU made

Realism - 70
Softness- 90
Durability - 75