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Supreme Green


Experience nature indoors with our effortless, stunning artificial green wall.

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Supreme Green - Artificial Green Wall

Artificial green walls beautify spaces, require minimal upkeep and create a soothing, nature-inspired aesthetic indoors and outdoors

*These are individual panels and sold as 1pc. The size of these panels are 1sqm total.

Key Features:

  • High Quality Artificial Green Wall
  • Individual 1sqm Panel
  • Panels can be detached and clipped together to create unlimited shapes
  • Approximately 30-60mm thick
  • UV Protected
  • NO maintenance


This green wall will be supplied with a forest fern green wall backing and a range of additional grass and flowering plants to add to the display once in situ. We supply in this way to ensure repetition in the planting display and also allow a degree of flexibility to add additional pops of colour and texture where you feel is necessary.

Where can I use an artificial vertical garden?

All the artificial green wall foliage panels are UV stabilised which means they are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. Being UV stable protects the plants from any discolour or fading sunlight may cause. Artificial vertical gardens are perfect for making a quirky statement wall and bringing a botanical feel to your space. If you have any unsightly walls this is a perfect way of screening the area and transforming it into a low maintenance spectacle!