Our value artificial grass is all about offering great quality products at a price accessible to all. Perfect for dipping your toes into the world of artificial grass without breaking the bank.
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Sale! Kendal Artificial Grass
Kendal 34mm
£10.00 £9.00 sq m
A long-pile, multi-tonal grass with a charmingly rustic appearance. A bestseller!
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windermere artificial grass
30mm Windermere Artificial Grass
£12.00 sq m
A crisp 30mm pile with a spongy thatch making it perfect for well used gardens
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Lytham Artificial Grass
Lytham 26mm
£13.00 sq m
The original and still one of the best! Lytham is our longest standing grass and still as popular as ever... for good reason!
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summer artificial grass
40mm Summer Ltd Edition
£13.00 sq m
Summer 40mm is a one-off production that offers phenomenal value for money.
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