Our premium artificial grass range perfectly balances quality and affordability, meaning that it features a wide variety of products that all provide great value for money.
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Sale! Harrogate Artificial Grass
Harrogate 36mm
£18.00 £16.20 sq m
Lavish yet rustic looking. Harrogate is our bounciest grass and will spring right back into place after every sunbathe!
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Devon Artificial Grass
Devon 30mm
£17.00 sq m
Plush, pristine and all green! Devon suits a well-maintained modern garden.
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cheshire artificial grass
Cheshire 38mm
£19.50 sq m
With its highly organic colouring, densely layered composition and silky soft strands, Cheshire is the finest artificial grass you'll find.
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Sale! Paradise Artificial Grass
Paradise 45mm
£22.00 £19.80 sq m
Lusciously long with soft, sponginess to boot! Paradise will produce a truly luxurious lawn.
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Sale! Ayrshire Artificial Grass
Ayrshire 50mm
£24.00 £20.40 sq m
The densest, heaviest grass we've ever had produced and weighs in at a colossal 4kg / m²!
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Wiltshire Artificial Grass
Wiltshire 40mm
£21.00 sq m
Our 40mm Wiltshire artificial grass is formed using a blend of ultra fine, silky yarn to give it unrivaled softness. You won't be able to resist stroking it!
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Aruba Artificial Grass
Aruba 30mm
£23.00 sq m
Our densest Artificial Grass! Aruba 30mm is a thick as a Persian rug and therefore ideal for hard-foundation applications such as decking.
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