Artificial Grass Fixing Nails

6″ galvanised nails used to secure your new lawn in place

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Artificial Grass Fixing Nails

Our artificial grass fixing nails are made from galvanised steel to last at least as long as your new lawn. Being rust proof also means they won't leave unsightly orange stains after repeated rainfall like traditional nails!

Our nails can be used to fix the artificial grass in place either with or without adhesive. The ideal substrate to install them into is sand / MOT type 1.


1 nail should be fixed every 30-50cm. For example, a 4m by 5m area has a perimeter of 18 linear meters (4 + 4 + 5 + 5) and therefore would require 36 nails as there should be at least two nails per 1m (18m x 2)


  • Galvanised steel - no rusting or corroding
  • 6 inches long for superior  hold
  • Small head makes them easy to hide
Pack of:

10, 20, 50, 100


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