2.9m Composite Decking – Chestnut Brown

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Our Chestnut 2.9m composite decking boasts two choices of grooves that help carry surface water away.


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Brown Composite Decking 2.9m

Our 2.9m composite decking - Chestnut Brown is a low maintenance, long lasting alternative for traditional wooden decking.

It uses a honeycomb structure for the perfect balance between rigidity and lightness.

The boards are two-sided with narrow grooves on one and medium grooves on the other. Either side can be used.

We also have the colour-matched L-Ending Skirts / 90 Degree Trim available.

The required amount of fasteners and screws are included completely FREE with your order.

The required amount of edging trim, approx 1 per 5m2 (L-ending / 90 degree skirt) will be supplied completely FREE with your order.

Key Features:

  • Board length: 2.9m
  • Board width: 150mm
  • Board depth: 25.4mm (1inch)
  • Strong but light Honeycomb structure
  • Reversible Anti-slip tread patterns
  • Comes with FREE hidden fasteners and Black Phosphate screws.
  • L-ending skirt / 90 degree trim available in all three colours

how many boards will i need for my project?

If you give us a call on 01253 486144 or email us at we can work it out for you.

However, you can use this simple calculation to give you a rough idea:

For 3.6m – Multiply the m2 of the area by 2 (i.e. 20m2 would need approximately 40 boards)
For 2.9m – Multiply the m2 of the area by 2.3 (i.e. 20m2 would need approximately 46 boards)

Is composite decking slippery when wet?

No! But…composite decking itself is very much anti-slip due to it’s granular composition and resistance to rotting and algae. However, if debris, dead leaves and similar are left on the surface there is still a potential slip risk present.

are your composite decking boards fire proof?

Composite products have a higher combustion temperature than timber which means they are less likely to catch fire. However, they aren’t guaranteed to be absolutely fire proof.

Will my composite decking fade?

A little! Although our composite decking uses UV stabilisation additives during manufacturing, they will lighten slightly within the first few weeks / months whilst any residual dyes wash out due to weathering before they settle into their final colour. This process is known as “extractive bleeding”

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